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Crafty hands or “Michaels”

Michaels, whose motto is “Where Creativity Happens”, is a special store for those, who prefer craftsmanship. It is marvelous that everything is under one roof, and the variety and quantity of necessary goods are quite good. So there are items for artists, painting on t-shirts, for fans of making candles themselves, for the manufacture of all kinds of ornaments to decorate and make cakes, products for scrapbook, wooden products, products for home decoration, toys, goods for different holidays, as well as all the necessary tools and support items for the implementation of all creative works, all one needs for sculpting and ceramics, and a million more for a creative person!

This store is not only for adults as anyone can find all necessary for the development of children’s creativity, to make all the children’s projects and ideas in the realm, involving their hands.

Moreover, Michaels stores have classes for adults and children. These are classes on making jewelry and ornaments, knitting and embroidery, in manufacturing scrapbook, cake decorating, drawing and manufacture sorts of stuff for the house, and various gifts with hands. There are classes for children on the same topics. The prices for courses are normal and basically sane. It is possible to celebrate birthday party in the store, especially if the child and his friends are creative and love to create something with their hands. During this birthday, a special mentor is working with children. He is the one, who helps children have fun.

The store is tirelessly working on increasing the number of their customers. In addition to paid courses, the store held more and other activities (which schedule is always online or in stores), taking part in which one can also learn how to apply all these products for business and try something from all of this to do it himself. These events are free (the customer just has to buy the basic material on the topic of the event, with whom he will work, for example clay or something else), and after visiting such an event with children, the visitor will get a lot of fun and spend time usefully.

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