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How to Find Union Apparel Manufacturers

Canada has never been a trendsetter in the fashion industry (unlike the neighboring United States), but this country has several strong brands that are recognized worldwide, such as Canada Goose, Naked & Famous and others.

There are more than 620 clothing manufacturers in Canada, most of which are located in Quebec and Ontario. The clothing market in Canada continues to grow steadily. In 2023, its clothing market was 40 percent the size of Germany or 80 percent the size of France. Retail sales of clothing grew by 1.1 percent per year. Analysts predict that the growth rate of clothing retailing in Canada over the next five years will be between 0.5 and 0.8 percent per year.

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Canada’s clothing industry is quite competitive due to the emergence of local and international fashion houses in the country. It’s easy to find Canadian Union Made apparel here. Your can find the best.

Services of the sewing company for unions

The modern sewing enterprise of Canada is a company specializing in the development and tailoring of various items of clothing: polo jackets, vests, embroidered caps and printed shirts for organizations, events, companies and industries.

What other services are they ready to offer you:

– development of the form and union apparel;

– the use of the most modern technologies in the manufacture of clothing;

– fashionable, relevant, elegant styles of clothing;

– durable, comfortable to wear clothes;

– adding a logo and name to an item of clothing;

– eco-friendly materials;

– modern reliable fittings;

– logistics of clothing supplies.

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A reliable manufacturer takes care of every stitch, seam, and every small detail. By the way, there are no trifles in creating comfortable clothes. Everything should be thought out for the convenience of the end user. The attractive appearance of union work garments is necessarily combined with the wear resistance of the fabric and the quality of the tailoring. All this reflects the sewing company’s respect for the activities of the unions.

Respect and care for the customer are in the first place in the manufacture of each order.


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