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We watch more and more advertisements for tampons and disposable pads around us. However, in addition to them, there are reusable hygiene products, including reliable worry-free protection from blood. It is absorbent (menstrual) panties.

What are monthly pants?

Absorbent underwear for women is the usual panties, but in reality, it is a real revolution. They have a special three-layer lining that does not allow moisture to pass through. This absorption system holds up to 3 teaspoons of liquid, eliminating the possibility of leakage and the formation of marks on clothing. Of course, the abundance of menstrual flow is different for everyone, and in certain cases it still does not hurt to insure ourselves, but on average, a pair of underwear is enough for the whole day. The menstrual pants are then washed in a laundry machine.

The secret of absorbent underwear

It is in a special absorption system and in a special treatment. The hygienic pants for women have a lining or gusset of 3 layers: the 1st, as a rule, consists of 90% cotton, 7% elastane, 3% polyamide and has a special antibacterial effect, the 2nd layer is 100% cotton and has the function of absorbing; the 3rd layer is 100% polyester and does not allow moisture to pass through.

The first layer can also be treated with silver according to a special patented formula, due to this treatment, the gusset is protected for up to 100 washes from the multiplication of bacteria that cause a smell.

Environmental friendliness

Used pads go to the same place as all other garbage — right into nature, unfortunately. Absorbent panties easily perform the functions of pads and can, if not completely replace them, accurately reduce their quantity. The harm to the environment is becoming less. It is great, if you imagine how many hygiene products for menstruation one woman uses in her entire life. These products have a complex composition, so they decompose for several centuries. Eco-underwear is reusable, and the period of its decomposition is much less than that of pads.

4 important reasons to wear them

  • It is convenient

Leakproof underwear relieves us from several problems at once: discomfort, anxiety about the appearance, the use of various hygiene products.

  • It is useful

It is useful both for our body and for the environment. Comfortable and soft models of panties last for more than one year.

  • It’s beautiful

The thin fabric and seamless binding make menstrual pants invisible under clothes and stylish. Manufacturers offer a wide range of models and a variety of colors: black, red, beige, gray, purple, etc.

  • It is in a modern way

Hygienic pants for women are a bright future in which efficiency is associated with well-being and simplicity. Buy them in specialized underwear stores or online.

Underwear is our safeguard, self-confidence and irresistibility. It’s cool that smooth, convenient and easy to use menstruation pants exist.

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