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Oak barrels for production companies

For some people, making beverages is an art, for others just a production process. First ones are usually private and small producers that offer very unique drinks for a big price.

Wineries as well as other companies that are involved in expensive alcoholic beverages production are in need of good barrels.

This is a fact and even very old enterprises can’t replace such items from the distillation, blending, and aging processes. Because the production of barrels is very complicated to do this professionally is possible only by having special knowledge, equipment, as well as very exclusive and expensive materials, so only some companies that specialised on making such accessories can offer really good items. High quality oak barrels for sale are usually worth their price, especially if their production means use of aged wood.

Why wineries need to buy oak wood barrels…

Each production process is usually based on the experience of the producer. Very often especially companies that make alcoholic beverages like whiskey, bourbon, liqueur, wine and so on produce alcohol by using secret receipts.

It is hard to avoid use of barrels without significant changes in taste. There is a reason for this. The smell, colour, and taste depend on the material from which the barrels are made of. Oak as a material passes through a long way before become a barrel. Actually it should be dried naturally. The wood should be of high quality, with smooth texture and without cracks. It is often of better quality than for furniture production.

Handcrafted items made with great attention to details. All processes are under control and performed only by experienced coopers so as a result, ready to use barrels don’t leak, and have perfect characteristics to contain rare spirits as well as wines with rich tastes. Usually there are at least 5 stages to make a good barrel:

  • Choose the material and assembling parts with help of special tools but not with help of machines;
  • Two steps charring of the structure to get special kind of sugar caramel which will give a unique taste to the beverage;
  • Sanding the barrels to prepare them for safe use and transportation;
  • Check for leaks by filling in with water under pressure;
  • Wrapping stage is also very important as poor packaging quality could facilitate the drying process and as a result barrels will be leaking.

To make barrels airtight specialists use natural sealing wax. The use of artificial materials is completely excluded. Some companies can use different order and various processes also with the help of automated equipment. But high quality barrels are produced by hands.

Depending on the type of the wood, ready to use barrels can give the beverage smell of bread, coconut, caramel. Some people are sure that 80% of the taste depends on the barrels used to ageing the spirits. Good item can keep the liquid inside decades and even hundreds of ears. So to prepare a really old and expensive wine or whiskey it is necessary to buy oak wood barrels.

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