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    persons writing test
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    There is a well-established opinion that an accountant is the closest assistant to the manager. And if he is the right hand of management, then the personnel manager (or HR) can safely be called his left hand.

    The effectiveness of the company and its competitiveness in the market directly depend on employees, their competencies and qualifications, potential and motivation – and all these tools are concentrated in the hands of one person, who can rightfully be considered the Master of Personnel.

    One of the main functions of an HR manager is hiring (if the company does not have a recruiter) and selecting candidates. In conditions of fierce competition for talented specialists, psychological tests for employees such as 4 color personality test have become a real godsend for HR and are firmly entrenched in the personnel management system as one of the most effective methods for selecting suitable personnel. HR specialists also effectively use them when assessing the possibility of promoting a full-time employee up the career ladder.

    Why are psychological tests needed?

    Let’s imagine, another smiling and sociable candidate with an excellent track record comes for an interview. The manager asks general and specific questions, finds out his responsibilities at his previous place of work, finds out his aspirations and motivation. The potential employee answers smoothly, clearly, without hesitation and exactly what management wants to hear. Everyone is happy, he is accepted and starts work the next day. And after a month, constant conflicts begin in the team, initiated by the newcomer, and the overall productivity of the organization drops with all the ensuing consequences. We have given one of the standard examples of the direct dependence of a company’s effectiveness on attention to personnel selection.

    Psychological testing of candidates allows to avoid such situations, preserve the enterprise’s budget, its level of productivity and competitiveness. It is easier to pay special attention during the selection process than to deal with the consequences later.

    Benefits of testing:

    test paper
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    • objectivity;
    • visibility;
    • relevance;

    Qualities that tests reveal:

    • leadership start;
    • ability to make decisions;
    • level of responsibility;
    • emotional development;
    • level of intelligence;
    • ambition;
    • professional quality;
    • sales skills;
    • communication style;
    • stress resistance and ways to cope with difficulties.

    Every year, leading market participants increasingly use psychological testing of employees to identify talented candidates. On the one hand, this is due to the growing level of professionalism of HR staff and management’s understanding of their ability to influence the development of the organization. On the other hand, a significant factor was mass digitalization and widespread use of the Internet, which significantly reduced the cost of testing itself and the time required to process the results.


    The importance of psychological tests for employees lies in the fact that already at the time of selection, HR will be able to determine the tendencies of the applicant in relation to the future position and the organization as a whole: harmonious (suitable), neutral (possibly) or incompatible.

    pc with psychological bulletin
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    When hiring lawyers, accountants or managers, you cannot do without professional tests, which are usually compiled by employers themselves. The more responsible position a candidate has to occupy, the more detailed comprehensive diagnostics he should be subjected to.

    The arsenal of a professional personnel officer should include not only individual testing methods when selecting applicants, but also tests for all personnel that determine the general level of motivation and stress, psycho-emotional background, etc. This will allow a clear and timely response to emerging conflicts and extinguish them in a timely manner, which will ensure healthy climate in the team.

    street with cars

    You’ve finally sealed the deal on that dream flat, be it in Acton or flats in Zone 1 London. Congrats! But before you pop the champagne, there’s work to be done. Move-in day is looming, and a week before is the perfect time to get your ducks in a row.

    Firstly, let’s talk about the essentials. You know, the stuff that makes a flat a home. We’re talking furniture, kitchen appliances, and all those little knick-knacks that make life comfortable. Make a checklist and start ticking off items. Do you have a sofa? Check. Fridge? Check. This is also the time to sort out utilities. Gas, electricity, and broadband won’t sort themselves out, you know.

    The Art of Boxing Your Life

    Packing can be a drag, but it’s also an art form. You can’t just throw everything into boxes and call it a day. Well, you could, but you’d regret it later. Start by categorising your belongings. Clothes in one set of boxes, kitchenware in another, you get the drift.

    Remember, fragile items like glassware need special attention. Bubble wrap is your best friend here. And don’t forget to label your boxes. You’ll thank yourself when you’re knee-deep in cardboard, wondering where the heck your coffee mugs are.

    The Big Day: A Symphony of Coordination

    Alright, the big day is here. You’re probably a bundle of nerves and excitement. Take a deep breath; you’ve got this. Start by doing a final sweep of your old place. You don’t want to leave behind anything important, do you? Once you’re sure you’ve got everything, it’s time to hit the road.Make sure everything is as it should be. Any issues? Now’s the time to flag them.



    You’ve crossed the threshold, and now it’s time to make this flat your home. Unpacking can be just as tedious as packing, but it’s also more rewarding. Start with the essentials. You’ll need your bed set up for a good night’s sleep, and your kitchen functional for that much-needed cuppa.

    Once the basics are sorted, you can move on to the fun stuff—decorating. This is where your flat truly becomes yours. So go ahead, hang those curtains, set up that bookshelf, and make the space your own.

    Preparing for move-in day in your new flat is like preparing for a marathon. It’s a test of endurance, planning, and a dash of ingenuity. But with a solid game plan, you’ll cross the finish line with flying colours. So go ahead, make those lists, pack those boxes, and get ready to start a new chapter in your dream flat. Cheers to new beginnings!

    Why I Chose the Acton Neighbourhood to Live In

    Trust me, it’s not a decision made on a whim. Location is everything, especially in a bustling city like London. New build in Acton offers a sweet spot that’s hard to ignore. Nestled in West London, it’s a stone’s throw away from central London, yet far enough to escape the city’s relentless hustle and bustle.

    But Acton is more than just a convenient location with diverse housing options. It’s a community. The local parks are a breath of fresh air, quite literally. Acton Park and Gunnersbury Park offer green spaces that are perfect for a weekend picnic or a morning jog.

    The high street is another highlight. From supermarkets to boutique stores, everything you need is within arm’s reach. And let’s not forget the cafes and pubs; they add a dash of vibrancy that makes Acton feel like home.

    persons jumping on the trampolines
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    Are you looking for a fun and unique way to exercise, or just interested in bouncing around like a kid again? Trampolines for adults have become increasingly popular both in Canada and worldwide as well.

    But how do you choose the right adult trampoline for you and what are some good examples of them? Keep reading.

    Questions to ask when choosing the right adult trampoline

    Choosing a trampoline can present a lot of considerations. Size, shape, safety features, warranties, even the color and design… the list is long. However, trampolines for adults pose some specific questions, such as:

    • What’s the single user weight limit? Weight limits matter when it comes to choosing a trampoline for adults.
    • Are you planning to use it more for fun or fitness? Although trampoline workouts are fun, you need to know the main purpose of getting the trampoline
    • Is the trampoline weatherproof? Not all trampolines are suitable for the weather in Canada. Make sure to check that the trampoline is not only waterproof, but its parts are also UV-treated. 

    Having determined your answers, it is time to compare your choices.

    Top 3 options for adult trampolines 

    The suitability of trampolines for adults varies based on their manufacturer. Keep in mind that manufacturers should take adults’ needs into account as well. Here are some solid trampoline options for adults.

    Best overall: 16 Sport HD

    Known for its no single user weight limit and exceptional bounce, the ACON 16 Sport HD is continuing to be the top choice for any trampoline enthusiast. Many families opt for this gigantic trampoline as it can withstand well, nearly anything. The best part – it can be used throughout the year even in snowy conditions!

    Heavy, sturdy frame keeps the trampoline firmly in place when kids and adults are practicing jumps and tricks. It also comes with Performance springs that have already received rave reviews among the trampoline tricking community. 



    Suitable for the whole family

    Exceptional bounce 

    Huge jumping area

    Extensive safety features

    No single user weight limit


    Best rebounder: 55in with handlebar (round)

    While jumping on an outdoor trampoline is truly thrilling for adults, most adults are looking for a mini trampoline for fitness purposes. One of many rebounder options is the ACON 55in round rebounder. Coming in both black and white, this fitness trampoline for adults is made of durable materials; expect proper frame, strong bungee cords and a handlebar for both stability and max performance. The classic shape fits in most places and it is perfect for any indoor workouts. 



    Good bounce area

    Comes with handlebar

    Stable and sturdy frame

    Sleek design

    Not foldable

    Mainly for indoor use

    Best small model: 6ft trampoline

    blue and red trampoline on the backyard
    Photo by Shay on Unsplash

    While the adult trampoline introduced before is the top choice, not everyone has the possibility to get a huge, professional level adult trampoline to their backyard. If that’s the case, you may consider a mini sized outdoor trampoline. It comes with a more decent price of CAD 439 yet the bounce and its springs are of excellent quality. 



    Sturdy frame

    Popular entry-level product

    Suitable also for indoor use

    Friendly price point 

    No enclosure

    Has a weight limit (220 lb)


    Choosing the perfect adult trampoline can be a bit of a mystery. However, with our tips, you should be able to find the right jumping arena for you in no time! 

    excavation works
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    Underground construction works are usually performed after getting special permission from the engineer that carefully studied the underground water pipes, gas lines, and electrical cables which can be hidden and usually are reflected in the special plans. Even careful consideration though can’t prevent accidental damage to the systems as their structure as well as layout can be in a little different bit order than shown in a plan. Excavation works should be performed by professionals to avoid destruction of the pipes and cables. If it is important to be careful, the best solution is to entrust the task to the specialists. There are many reasons to do so. For example, on the website gearequip.com  offered services are able to replace all manual work and simultaneously guarantee the accuracy and elimination of the possible risks to damage underground systems.

    Existing services and their purpose

    Different companies different services but as an example here will be taken above-mentioned enterprise as it offers special and very useful solutions for different types of construction processes. For request available the following options:

    • vacuum truck;
    • rail equipment;
    • mecalac excavators.

    These are actually multipurpose variants that can carry out various types of activities related to careful excavation works in urban and suburban areas.


    Vacuum truck can extract earth in a way that there is no chance of bringing damage to the pipes. It is a kind of delicate excavation during which all layers of soil are sucked into the tube and accumulated in the special container. It is safe as well as clean. There won’t be any mess left behind. Right solution for the areas where scattered soil could be a problem like the centre of the city or very crowded places.

    Rail equipment is used at zones that are hard to reach. It could be near the railway where the work would be performed only by the excavators that can use railways to drive. Especially interesting option for commercial companies which need urgent maintenance of something or plan construction activities that require industrial machinery to finish the project.

    Mecalac excavators are very compact, quick, and maneuverable machines with good performance. Such equipment is ready to do various tasks on small size areas like backyard, or construction sites with very limited space. Can be modified to change the range of performed tasks. For example, to work as a bulldozer to make the ground flat. Able to dig deep and even very solid layers of soil.

    Photo ID 430386094 by ©oksana_nazarchuk / Depositphotos.com

    There are so many variants on how to accent the person’s membership of sports clubs, professionalism, achievements, preferences and so on, but very exclusive and suitable for various groups of individuals is to use custom pins. Of course for this concern exists a good and justified explanation. Let’s imagine the person, for example a sportsman. To show the side which such an individual represents is very easy by adding some related to team or country symbols on the clothes.

    But it is much harder to express some professional features or strengths in everyday life to any social member in a spontaneous manner. Good suit just can’t be covered with big and irrelevant to the business style symbols of membership, knowledge, or even political views. That would look quite not proper. But on the other hand, people often need to emphasise their individuality. Custom enamel pins can help with this.

    What are custom pins and are they so stylish…

    Literally an accessory of this type is a small piece of metal that is carefully prepared and enameled according to the unique samples provided by a client to the producer of the custom pins or based on the concepts described in words. Pins can be painted with a range of colours and their shape can also be various. Students can wear a sign of the university they are studying in a form of pin. There are some additional options like:

    • to use custom pins in combination with clothes for special events similar to balls, celebrations, private parties;
    • as symbolic rewards for children and adults for participating in entertaining competitions;
    • in case when it is important to be easily defined by external signs at the negotiations, demonstration or meeting.

    Such kinds of items are affordable, so it is possible to purchase a big quantity of items for a big group of individuals as well as for a couple of people.

    Usually it takes not very much time from the order and design application to delivery. Moreove, as pins are worn on the clothes and aren’t exposed to big physical forces their appearance would be the same after decades.

    Easy to order easy to wear

    To become an owner of some special pins is simple. Good manufacturers allow to make an order right from the home. Requests for personal design are also possible. For the comfort of the clients, it is usually available an option to choose a colour, design, size, material. Specialised companies can produce thousands of good pins or just one unique. Depending on the creativeness of the person many interesting approaches can be found for accessories of this type.

    It is a beautiful, elegant, never out of fashion element, durable and like a hardly noticeable but important complement which is always a big pleasure to possess. If the individual likes to be distinguished from the surrounding people for a sense of outstanding style, custom pins will be as important as watches or jewelry.

    Man worker uses a power drill
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    Each of us has our favorite home where we have been living for many years, we take care of it, make periodic repairs, keep it clean and love it so much.  Today we will talk about the important details of the house that ensure its safety.

    One of the most important elements of a house is the roof.  It protects us from leakage and ensures safety.  Therefore, this is a part of the house that needs to be really taken care of.  Calgary Elite Roofing is one of the roofing companies that provides this service.

    What are the roofs?

    Let’s start with the fact that the roof is a covering of the upper part of the building, which serves to protect against rain, snow, sunlight, wind and temperature extremes.  It can also hide the technical features of your home, such as: insulation, ventilation, piping, electricity.

     Roofs differ in their shapes and materials.

     What are the types of roofs?

     Let’s start with the forms that are used when laying the roof.

    1. Gable. This is one of the most classic coatings, which is very easy to install.  The peculiarity lies in the fact that the roof consists of two slopes of the same length.  Materials for this form will suit any.
    2. Polyline. This type of roof is also called a hipped roof.  By name, you can understand that it consists of four slopes.  If you use this form, then you can easily secure a space under the cover.
    3. Hip. View of a hipped roof, consisting of two triangles and two trapezoids.  Less commonly used for attic floors, but is considered the most resistant to precipitation, especially to strong winds.
    4. Dome. Such a coating is characterized by the fact that it does not have any sharp corners.  Another feature is the large number of slopes.  It looks like a dome.  It comes in a variety of modifications and forms.  It all depends on the layout of the house.

    These are the most popular variants and types.

    What are the coating materials can be?

    If we talk about materials, they are completely different.  It can be slate, metal tiles, corrugated board, seam roofing, composite tiles and others.  It all depends on our preferences.

    What characteristics should a rooftop have in Calgary?

    We all know that Calgary is characterized by heavy rain and hail.  Therefore, it is very important to prepare your roof properly.

    When choosing a coating and type of roof, it is important to consider two of the most important points.  The first is wind resistance.  This is necessary for cities where there are regular hurricanes and strong gusts of wind.  So you can be sure that the roof will not fly away and not be damaged.  Therefore, the roofing material must be heavy and small so that the wind cannot tear it off and lift it.

    The next point is the wind resistance of the roof.  This will help reduce hail noise that will enter your home.  And also protect the roof from damage and dents that hail can leave.

    So if you live in Calgary, take care of these two important points.  For more information about the City of Calgary Resilience Program click here.

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