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How to Choose Clothes for a Table Tennis Player

One study analyzed how table tennis players perceive their opponents based on their behavior and appearance, including clothing. The study participants became less confident in their abilities and in their victory if they saw that the opponent, firstly, wears clothes from brands that specialize directly in table tennis, and, secondly, demonstrates positive behavior. Those who look less positive and wear versatile sportswear do not inspire such fear. By the way, you can choose good T-shirt at aobongbanthietke.com.

The conclusion is simple – if you plan to perform at a more serious level, or just want to start dominating your peers, dress appropriately. You should definitely start with professional shorts and T-shirts.

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There are no special requirements for the equipment of athletes at tournaments, but some restrictions exist:

  • Athletes wear a shirt, shorts or skirt for competitions. The shirt is suitable both with short sleeves and without them. Tennis players may also play in overalls or tracksuits, but this requires permission from the referee.
  • The color of the clothes must be different from the color of the ball.
  • The costume is allowed without bright details, markings or decorations, as they may distract the attention of the opponent.

How to choose a sports uniform

The main requirement for clothing is comfort, so try to choose the right size so that it does not rub during the match and has a fitted cut.

A good shirt lets air through, stretches and returns to its original shape. Usually these conditions are met by clothes with a combination of natural fabrics and synthetics.

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Try to choose brands that use modern materials and technologies in their products.

Since the color of the clothes should contrast with the color of the ball, it is better to take plain or dark clothes.

Sports uniform care

First of all, focus on the markings on the label. Typically, manufacturers recommend washing table tennis items with mild detergents in cool water, not using air conditioner, and choosing a “delicate wash” mode. Thanks to the materials, such clothes do not require ironing and dry quickly after washing.

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