What to do

A useful service in case of an urgent necessity for excavation works

Underground construction works are usually performed after getting special permission from the engineer that carefully studied the underground water pipes, gas lines, and electrical cables which can be hidden and usually are reflected in the special plans. Even careful consideration though can’t prevent accidental damage to the systems as their structure as well as layout can be in a little different bit order than shown in a plan. Excavation works should be performed by professionals to avoid destruction of the pipes and cables. If it is important to be careful, the best solution is to entrust the task to the specialists. There are many reasons to do so. For example, on the website gearequip.com  offered services are able to replace all manual work and simultaneously guarantee the accuracy and elimination of the possible risks to damage underground systems.

Existing services and their purpose

Different companies different services but as an example here will be taken above-mentioned enterprise as it offers special and very useful solutions for different types of construction processes. For request available the following options:

  • vacuum truck;
  • rail equipment;
  • mecalac excavators.

These are actually multipurpose variants that can carry out various types of activities related to careful excavation works in urban and suburban areas.


Vacuum truck can extract earth in a way that there is no chance of bringing damage to the pipes. It is a kind of delicate excavation during which all layers of soil are sucked into the tube and accumulated in the special container. It is safe as well as clean. There won’t be any mess left behind. Right solution for the areas where scattered soil could be a problem like the centre of the city or very crowded places.

Rail equipment is used at zones that are hard to reach. It could be near the railway where the work would be performed only by the excavators that can use railways to drive. Especially interesting option for commercial companies which need urgent maintenance of something or plan construction activities that require industrial machinery to finish the project.

Mecalac excavators are very compact, quick, and maneuverable machines with good performance. Such equipment is ready to do various tasks on small size areas like backyard, or construction sites with very limited space. Can be modified to change the range of performed tasks. For example, to work as a bulldozer to make the ground flat. Able to dig deep and even very solid layers of soil.

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