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Engagement Tradition

There is a great tradition in the world: a man who wants his beloved to become an official bride in front of parents and the public, presents her with an engagement ring. Experts on engagement rings in Toronto know for sure that this is a fascinating moment in life. 

The Ancient Tradition Of Giving Engagement Rings

The centuries-old history of mankind, as well as the symbol of engagement, is quite contradictory. According to one of the versions of great scientists, the rite of wearing engagement rings originated in ancient Egypt, according to estimates in 2600 BC. At that time, both partners wore gold rings on their left ring finger, but only the pharaohs could afford this.

The Romans in the II century BC originated the tradition of asking for a hand presenting a ring. The groom at the same time gave 2 engagement rings. One version claims that the bride herself had both rings: an iron one for home and a gold one for going out. The second version: one ring was given to the bride, and the second to her father. The bride’s ring had a pattern in the form of a key.

A little later, thanks to the spread of Christianity, since the XII century, giving an engagement ring became a global tradition.

Then the fashion for rings with a precious stone came into the world. This happened thanks to King Maximilian I of Germany. He gave his fiancee Maria of Burgundy a ring with a huge diamond. Since then, men have sought to show the ladies their wealth and power with this gesture.

How And When To Give An Engagement Ring

The tradition of accepting one`s hand in modern society varies depending on the preferences of a woman, her connection with her family and the nationality to which she belongs. All these points should be taken into account when choosing engagement rings in Canada.

For example, if you are going to marry a girl who lives by herself, has no family traditions or earns herself and does not depend on anyone, you can propose in any place and atmosphere convenient for you: during a romantic dinner, a joint Sunday breakfast, a trip to the cinema, a walk in the park. Just present her with an open box. Sincerity is the main thing at this moment. 

If the girl belongs to a large family with traditions, it is necessary to come to the girl’s parents in advance and take their permission for the engagement. If the relatives of the girl agree, they often arrange some kind of holiday. While celebration, a man gets down on one knee and makes a proposal.

You can give a ring in one of the original ways:

  • hide a ring in a kinder surprise;
  • you can put the decoration into a glass of wine;
  • the ring can be put in one of the inflatable balls;
  • put it in an envelope in the mailbox of the beloved.

Everything related to the presentation of the engagement ring is beautiful, unusual and original.

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