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Go in for Sports in the Right  Sports Shoes!

Trainers are different from ordinary everyday shoes. Their top can be made of breathable mesh materials so that the feet feel comfortable even under the most intense loads and there is good ventilation. You can choose trainers on the JordanKobe website depending on your individual characteristics and type of sport.

What is dangerous for the health in case of wrong choice of sports shoes?

Each sport has specially designed models for comfortable exercises, thanks to this, speed characteristics and efficiency increase, and the risk of injury becomes minimal.

a man in sneakers stands on the edge of a sports field
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For example, you should not play volleyball in running shoes and run in volleyball trainers. Let’s analyze the main differences between volleyball and running shoes:

  • The sole of volleyball trainers is flat, thick, but elastic at the same time. These characteristics allow you to improve grip on the court, feet do not slip, and players can perform quick movements on the court. The boot of volleyball trainers can be high and low, the inflated one gives stability, and the low one promotes intensive movement on the space.
  • The top of the running trainers is made with a mesh of high-tech polymers. Running shoes should have a guide line on the sole that separates the foot and distributes pressure on the foot, due to this, the load on the joints and on the spine is leveled. The back of the trainer is made of dense material, a strong arch supports the heel. The sole in running shoes is equipped with shock absorption, it takes the shock load on itself, that is, it protects the knees and spine.
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Properly selected trainers will help maintain joint health and provide good grip on the surface.

The harm from wrong sports shoes is great: there may be problems with joints (knee, hip and ankle), injuries, dislocations, calluses, valgus deformity of the feet and much more.

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