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How to Buy Gold in Canada

Gold is an extremely reliable and highly sought—after asset. Investing in it is easy and it can be done in different ways.

Why gold

Even in a crisis situation, gold remains one of the most stable instruments in which experts recommend investing. It is an ideal protective asset in all respects against situations such as devaluation, inflation.

Interest of buying gold in Canada is high now: many are sure that in the coming years, prices for precious metals will grow. According to experts, over the next three to five years, gold prices will rise to $3-5 thousand per ounce from the current levels of $1.7–1.8 thousand.

Gold Investment Coins
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Gold prices are weakly volatile, but in times of crisis they usually rise, as investors hope to at least preserve the value of their investments with the help of this precious metal.

Once gold could only be bought in physical form, but now it is much easier to invest in it than it seems. You will answer the question of how to buy physical gold in Canada.

  1. Gold bars

The first way that comes to mind. Bullion can be purchased in banks — as with currencies, each of them has its own rates of buying and selling gold. You can also buy an ingot on the stock exchange, but the procedure for withdrawing metal from the market is complicated and inconvenient. There is also an option to buy from individuals, like, in matador Canada.

When you buy gold Canada, you can take the ingot to the bank, but he will take a fee for renting a cell. And the bank will also withdraw a considerable commission when selling the bullion back. And the last thing is large spreads, that is, the difference between the purchase and sale price. It may differ by 5-10%.

  1. Gold Investment Coins

Not everyone has heard about gold investment coins, but in vain. They can also be bought in a bank, as well as bullion. You can also buy them in numismatic stores, because they are also coins. The price of such coins is determined on the London Stock Exchange. If you look at them, you will see that they are very beautiful and it could be the perfect gift for someone.

  1. Mutual funds of precious metals

Professional investors buy shares. These shares also include gold. That is, investment funds buy shares of companies that mine gold, as well as futures and depersonalized metal accounts.

gold rate
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Therefore, you will notice that mutual fund quotes rarely follow the same dynamics as gold. What exactly to invest in is decided by the manager of the investment fund. And usually, investors invest in mutual funds for a year or more.

Pros Minuses
  • The work of mutual funds is strictly regulated and regulated by the state, which makes investments more reliable.
  • Transactions with shares are not subject to VAT.
  • You do not need to spend time on investments and market research yourself — professionals will trade for you.
  • They don’t do it for free — they will have to pay a commission to the management company. As a rule, the remuneration is about 2-3% of the total assets.
  • There are also expenses for transactions with shares: depending on the timing and volume of investments, they amount to 0-3% of the investment amount.



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