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How to Choose a Men’s Jacket for Summer

A summer jacket is necessary for walking around the city when the July heat is replaced by rain or wind, and for outdoor recreation. A well-chosen model will give a man a stylish look and provide comfort

What to consider when choosing

When choosing a jacket for summer, you need to pay attention:

  • The general style of the wardrobe – a tourist jacket or a leather jacket is not combined with classic trousers, and a classic windbreaker – with leather pants or fisherman’s clothes. A jacket of MSCLINE is better suited to the casual style of a man. It’s simple, but stylish;
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  • Purpose – clothes for a sea cruise or for walking along the embankment of a resort town are not too convenient for a tourist trip. Khaki clothing that allows a hunter to disguise himself in the forest will be too conspicuous on the central street of the city;
  • The quality of the material, cut and tailoring – at the fitting, the clothes should sit on you easily, it should be comfortable in it, while the seams are processed qualitatively, the zippers do not jam;
  • The hood and pockets are optional for urban models, but they are indispensable for tourists, fishermen, hunters. The hood should be fastened or tied. Pockets – the more, the better. And it is desirable that 1-2 of them are fastened with a zipper or a button.
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The most popular fabrics for sewing summer jackets are those containing a significant percentage of cotton and a small percentage of synthetic fibers. Such fabrics breathe, but they warm up well in cool weather. Synthetic additives allow clothes to keep well shape, increase its wear resistance.

You can also choose a jacket made of linen fabric with various additives. Such things are very durable, they are well erased, and in the process of wearing they acquire a more attractive appearance.

Synthetic fabrics are lighter, provide good protection from moisture, and require minimal care. But they do not retain heat well, and when warming up or during physical exertion, it is hot in them. If you choose the right jacket, it will complement the image of a man and make him stylish.

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