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Is It Needed to Buy a Test for Psychological Assessment of Your Employees

There is a well-established opinion that an accountant is the closest assistant to the manager. And if he is the right hand of management, then the personnel manager (or HR) can safely be called his left hand.

The effectiveness of the company and its competitiveness in the market directly depend on employees, their competencies and qualifications, potential and motivation – and all these tools are concentrated in the hands of one person, who can rightfully be considered the Master of Personnel.

One of the main functions of an HR manager is hiring (if the company does not have a recruiter) and selecting candidates. In conditions of fierce competition for talented specialists, psychological tests for employees such as 4 color personality test have become a real godsend for HR and are firmly entrenched in the personnel management system as one of the most effective methods for selecting suitable personnel. HR specialists also effectively use them when assessing the possibility of promoting a full-time employee up the career ladder.

Why are psychological tests needed?

Let’s imagine, another smiling and sociable candidate with an excellent track record comes for an interview. The manager asks general and specific questions, finds out his responsibilities at his previous place of work, finds out his aspirations and motivation. The potential employee answers smoothly, clearly, without hesitation and exactly what management wants to hear. Everyone is happy, he is accepted and starts work the next day. And after a month, constant conflicts begin in the team, initiated by the newcomer, and the overall productivity of the organization drops with all the ensuing consequences. We have given one of the standard examples of the direct dependence of a company’s effectiveness on attention to personnel selection.

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Psychological testing of candidates allows to avoid such situations, preserve the enterprise’s budget, its level of productivity and competitiveness. It is easier to pay special attention during the selection process than to deal with the consequences later.

Benefits of testing:

  • objectivity;
  • visibility;
  • relevance;

Qualities that tests reveal:

  • leadership start;
  • ability to make decisions;
  • level of responsibility;
  • emotional development;
  • level of intelligence;
  • ambition;
  • professional quality;
  • sales skills;
  • communication style;
  • stress resistance and ways to cope with difficulties.

Every year, leading market participants increasingly use psychological testing of employees to identify talented candidates. On the one hand, this is due to the growing level of professionalism of HR staff and management’s understanding of their ability to influence the development of the organization. On the other hand, a significant factor was mass digitalization and widespread use of the Internet, which significantly reduced the cost of testing itself and the time required to process the results.


The importance of psychological tests for employees lies in the fact that already at the time of selection, HR will be able to determine the tendencies of the applicant in relation to the future position and the organization as a whole: harmonious (suitable), neutral (possibly) or incompatible.

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When hiring lawyers, accountants or managers, you cannot do without professional tests, which are usually compiled by employers themselves. The more responsible position a candidate has to occupy, the more detailed comprehensive diagnostics he should be subjected to.

The arsenal of a professional personnel officer should include not only individual testing methods when selecting applicants, but also tests for all personnel that determine the general level of motivation and stress, psycho-emotional background, etc. This will allow a clear and timely response to emerging conflicts and extinguish them in a timely manner, which will ensure healthy climate in the team.

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