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Adding brightness to everyday design solutions has become easier. Use a smart move to create a custom home decor. Talented specialists in the field of interior design have adapted the way in which store advertising banners are traditionally designed. This trend has reached a new level: it is now possible to order custom led signs for the home interior.

The question is about products made of three-dimensional letters, boxes /lightboxes with LED flexible neon illumination. A few years ago, such creative items replaced expensive conventional neon.

Image by www.radikalneonsigns.com

The layout of aesthetic neon signs is developed personally, based on the wishes of the client. This personalized led sign is an opportunity to transform a home interior, it becomes unusual. Make an order to create a unique atmosphere in your home!

Designers’ recommendations

Why do designers recommend choosing neon sign room decor when developing an home interior design?

  • These devices are a home decor Just note, neon signs Canada can add glamour to a bookcase or a portable room divider.
  • Led neon light lasts long. Neon wall signs do not accumulate an incandescent filament to burn out once. Use led neon signs 10-15 years.
  • Led signs for room do not cause a fire.
  • Neon signs are also perfect due to low energy consumption.
neon sign
Image by www.radikalneonsigns.com

By the way, you can also order custom logo neon signs for the store. Using brand neon signs is a proven and effective way to attract a target audience for any company, regardless of the specifics of the business.

The flexibility and elasticity of the material make it possible to produce structures of any shape and size, with a large number of small parts. Neon can change color. The multicolored backlight looks especially impressive.

Neon use cases

Due to the mass of positive qualities, flexible LED neon is actively used in the creation of various types of outdoor and interior advertising:

  • Window dressing in shops. Since custom neon signs practically do not emit heat, it is allowed to install them in departments with freezing.
  • Decoration of facades of buildings.
  • Production of three-dimensional light letters.
neon sign
Image by www.radikalneonsigns.com

Stages of production

The creation of LED neon signs begins with the preparation of the layout. The sketch is performed in specialized computer programs. After approval of the project with the customer, the material selected for the substrate is sent for milling.

After the substrate is made, neon cables are laid into the prepared holes and closed with plugs at the ends. All connections are carefully sealed to achieve structural integrity and avoid premature failure.

Neon signs Toronto gently diffuse light, so they are perceived by a person as a natural addition to the home interior. You can place a flexible neon backlight even in hard-to-reach places. However, it is problematic to perform installation without experience and specific knowledge, so it is recommended to trust this type of work only to skilled specialists.

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