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How to Choose the Right Bag

A bag for a woman is not just an accessory. A woman’s accessories should include at least three bags: a clutch bag for evening sashay, a medium-sized rigid handbag and a voluminous form-resistant bag. You can find all this on the Tsantakias website.

Let’s discuss how to properly approach the choice of a bag so that it is convenient and pleasing to the eye.

Bag Colour

For some reason, it is considered that the most versatile is a black bag. Forget about it! It visually makes the image heavier and looks completely out of harmony with light outfits.

Muted tones are ideal for everyday bags: grey, grey-brown, beige, grey-blue. It all depends on which colour will be most harmoniously combined with your basic wardrobe. It does not matter with the tops or bottoms.

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A basic bag can also be of a rich colour, if you have a perfectly matched clothes and you are sure that it will be appropriate. Do not forget about women’s tricks. You can “connect” a bag with items of clothing with the help of hanging jewellery or a scarf.

Bag Shape

Soft bags can be a great option for certain looks. Still, shape stability is the requirement for an everyday bag.

It is not necessary that the bag has a rigid frame. It can simply be made of dense, tough leather. The main thing is that when you put the bag, it does not fall and does not lose its shape from the things placed in it.


A bag is an accessory that does not involve compromises in this regard. Accessories, lining fabric, accuracy of stitching and performance characteristics of materials will always give out a low-quality product.

It is better to choose laconic models made of matte leather (or faux leather), with neutral fittings, without “flashy” finishes and abundant decor as a basic everyday bag.

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Give up “fakes”

If you can’t afford original branded items, you shouldn’t chase after “logo names” and buy fakes. You can find beautiful, high-quality and exclusive items at an affordable price. Seek and ye shall find!

Good luck with your purchases and have a great mood!

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