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How to Manage Your Hotel?

Hoteliers no longer doubt that the hotel property management system is a necessary tool for the effective operation of any hotel facility. Of course, automation does not exist for the sake of automation itself, but for the real support of the hotel business and ensuring the technological foundation of the industry. One of the key processes of the hotel is the control and distribution of bookings, as well as making payments from guests. Let’s consider the process of automating the booking flow using the example of the Bnovo management system.

What is the system like?

Best Hotel Property Management System Bnovo is a convenient control of your hotel business, online sales management and direct bookings.

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 The main company’s products are as follows:

  • Interactive board;
  • Channel Manager with a large selection of channels;
  • Booking module.

There are also new products of the company, like dynamic pricing and forecasting.

What about booking?

The main part of the hotel management system with information about all current and future bookings is located in the so-called checker-board. This is an interactive field, where booking cards with the necessary marks are visually displayed.

You can “dive” into each booking card and change the booking status, as well as manage the customer’s contact details, change the dates of stay and the number of guests. The card indicates the rate, room category and additional services, which can be flexibly removed or added if necessary. You can assign a “case” to each booking (room cleaning, flowers, or airport pick-up) and link it to the deadline for completion. There is also a section with the passport data of all guests staying in the room, this is necessary for migration registration and the operation of many templates.

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All financial information about the booking is contained in the “invoice” tab: invoices issued, links to online payment, payments received, acts of work performed, etc. There is a change log in the card that records all edits and users who made them to control the work of the staff.

Looks great!

You can try this pms for hotel products for 15 days completely free of charge. Be sure, this  interactive hotel solution will make your guests’ stay more comfortable and you business- more profitable.

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