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Perfume as a Gift

Fragrances have always been associated with luxury and celebration. It is no coincidence that in the Middle Ages perfumes were overvalued. Only a very wealthy person could make such a gift. A lot has changed since then. Now the choice of perfumes complicates us much more than the fact of their purchase.

The fragrance is a special gift. Take a closer look at Uaethooq. Beautifully packaged, in an elegant flacon, the right perfume means that the person to whom you give it occupies a special place in your heart.

coco de chanel perfume
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First, this gift is universal. Second, fragrance is always an emotion. Third, the fragrance will be felt all day, which means that a person will think about you one way or another all day.

Rules for choosing a perfume as a gift

Perfume can be an ideal gift — pleasant, useful, and perhaps one that a person will never buy, because he or she is used to choosing the same flavours.

The first and basic rule when choosing a perfume as a gift is to forget about your preferences. Choosing a fragrance, you can not focus on your taste, but you need to represent the person to whom the gift should be given, his or her lifestyle, look, character. Modern perfumery moves away from gender stereotypes: you can find a male perfume with a leading rose note or a female composition with leather and tobacco.

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If you want to please a person and choose a fragrance similar to the one he or she wears, you need to try to find out about his favourite fragrance groups. So you will most likely choose a composition that will fit exactly into his or her perfume.

Buying a perfume on someone else’s advice without even getting to know the fragrance is a big mistake.

Choosing a perfume as a gift is a responsible process in which it is recommended to take into account many nuances. A properly selected perfume will help to reveal the personality and individuality of its owner, demonstrate your caring and attentive attitude to your beloved one. Let your choice be always right, and the gift — a dream.

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