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The most unusual gift

Our Earth is simply amazing.  There are a lot of incredible things and wonders that surround us.  And even greater miracles are outside the planet.  It’s about space.

What is space?

Space is an incredible endless space, where there are millions of stars.  And now each of us has the opportunity to name a star canada.  It will serve as a wonderful gift for both adults and children.  And the main thing is unusual.

You can track the position of your star at any time of the year and in absolutely any weather.  And her name is entered in a special register, which allows you to make sure that you really named the star as you wanted.  What could be more amazing?

What do you need to know about stars in space?

The most interesting thing is that it is believed that every atom in your body originates in an exploding star.

At first, stars were characterized by their luminosity.  A little later, scientists learned to recognize the color of a star.

If you decide to look at the stars from outer space, they will look exactly the same as from our planet.  The only exception is that the atmosphere distorts the light from the stars a bit, so for example the light from orbit will be much brighter.  If we talk about color, then it is no different when you look from space or the earth.  But of course, there are exceptions.  There are stars in which hydrogen burns out.  They have a very strong temperature drop, which is why the color may vary slightly.

Everyone knows that stars are very big.  Especially when it comes to the sun.  An interesting fact is that if you add up the mass of all the stars that are in space, then compared to the weight of the sun, they will be just a feather.

Many people think that stars never change shape, but this is absolutely not true.  There are changes.  Let’s take the example of the sun.  For this large star, the diameter decreases every day by two dozen meters.  Also, another feature is that the sun periodically pulsates, which indicates that it first expands and then decreases.

Stars are not as big as the sun.  Moreover, they are of different types.  If we talk about dwarf stars, then they are millions of times smaller than the sun.  Although their mass can be rather big because they have very dense stellar matter.

But there are also huge stars that are called red giants.  They usually exceed the diameter of the sun, which is a very surprising fact.  There is some hypothesis that the sun will soon also become the size of red giants, but this can happen only after a few billion years.

The outer world is very interesting and incredible.  Therefore, without a doubt, we can say that by naming a star by someone’s name, you will make a stunning and unusual gift that will be remembered for a long time.

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