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The originality of the fish shop in Canada

The idea, which inspired Jean de Lessard for creating a bright and charming interior of fish shop “Némeau” in Levis town, Quebec, was the plot of the adventure novel of Jules Verne “Twenty thousand years under the sea”. As the customer, the designer decided to look at the trade outside the box. “I approached the project from a “vintage” point of view of Jules Verne, having the timeline between today and yesterday. It’s fine, a little crazy, but fun!” — he admits.

The specialists of the company “Jean de Lessard Designers Créatifs” have developed a project that allowed a realization of an innovative approach to trade — “promenade-shopping”. The concept of travel and exploration in the course of it range helps to increase the value of the proposed products in the eyes of buyers. “It also facilitates interaction between store employees and customers. Shopping becomes pleasant even in a small space”, — said Jean de Lessard. “Blocks of ice” — showcases placed at random in the hall became proud elements of the project. They attract attention, forcing viewers to carefully examine the contents. Stylized cooling system is covered with housings of asymmetric glasses, the design of which is borrowed from the jewelry industry.

Work on the installations took several months of hard work of a whole team of professionals working with glass, refrigeration systems, technical support and experts in the specifics of the storage of seafood. The large sculpted constructions, made of durable glass are reversed to the theme of underwater travel. They support the feeling of the underwater world, demonstrating the refraction of sunlight through the water, which was observed by captain Nemo and his companions. A key aspect of this element of the design was the image of the bookshelf on Board of the “Nautilus”, which the designer creatively integrated into the interior. The combination of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines in the dynamic space conveys the fullness and mystery of the depths of the sea, and lamps are reminiscent of the mysterious glowing plants, frozen for a moment in the water column.

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