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“The PATH” — the underground shopping complex

“The PATH” is not just a shopping center, but a big underground complex, which is referred to as an architectural wonder. For residents of Toronto it is one of the main prides. This place is often visited by people from different countries of the Earth who want to witness this architectural masterpiece.

On the one side it may seem that there is nothing astonishing there, since the underground constructions are not only in Canada but also in other cities of the world, but any other city cannot boast of such a scale. The building of the shopping center was completed in 1987, and it is a well-planned underground structure, which has a length of twenty-eight kilometers. With its help, large and important buildings are connected, located in downtown Toronto. It is possible to say that this is a sort of underground city where one can live in a comfortable environment. There are beauty salons, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, offices, ATMs and more else.

Tourists, who plan to visit this place, are suggested to use map, because at the beginning it is hard to navigate. What is striking in “the PATH” is an exceptional intelligence and convenience. All was made for the comfort of visitors: one connected metro station, ground high-rise buildings, residential buildings, underground garages and train station. There are 60 intersections and 125 input-output — it is easy to get into “the PATH” from any point in the city center. Entering the complex early in the morning it is possible to leave the underground nest later in the evening. Primarily, the visitors will have to move through the tunnels with a map in hand, but a few visits later it is easy to get used to and begin to navigate in the notation. There one can encounter representatives of different professions, nationalities, races and hear any language of the world. Underground complex is the best place for shopping, where one can buy a range of merchandise: books, accessories, clothes, interior items and much more. There are about a thousand shops, including two supermarkets.

This is truly a unique shopping complex, built under the ground in Toronto.

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