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The time of big sale in Canada

Many countries have massive sales, but they usually occur at a certain time. To get on sale in Toronto is possible at any time of the year.

In Canada, it is not customary to hold seasonal sales, except, perhaps, the traditional pre-Christmas discounts. Pre-Christmas sale is organized in a strictly fixed time: at the next day after Thanksgiving, i.e., from the second Monday of October. This day the Canadians call “black Friday”.

It is worth noting that almost all the Canadian stores operate on a self-service basis, as shop owners believe that the opportunity, given to the buyer for careful examination of the goods will have a positive impact on the trade. Of course, the stores have sellers-consultants, who will help to understand the questions. By the way, when purchasing, whether on sale or at the usual time, it is important to note that the price tags indicate the price of goods without VAT. This means that the real price will be 20% higher.

There are several types of sales in Canada. First, it is a flea market, which is held in the courtyards of houses. Small shops mostly participate in the sale. But there is a possibility to buy excellent and stylish stuff at a very reasonable price. A different type of street fair, Sidewalk Sale is also popular in Toronto. One or more shops put their products in open stalls on the street. Among the products one can see the clothes, shoes, souvenirs, sweets. Often such promotions are organized by a trade center “Bayview Village”, where the product is not placed on the open space, but in the corridors of the store. The discount is at least 20%, often 50 to 70%.

During Christmas time there is a sale as Boxing Week, and discounts at this time reach incredible sizes in 50-75%. The prices are reduced on entire range. The largest cost reduction is observed for the category of goods that may become obsolete in the near future. This applies to products of the electronics market, especially television sets. The shops provide an opportunity to buy very cheap what is no consumer demand. An interesting feature of Canadian trade is the availability of discounts on weekends throughout the year. For example, some shops designate a discount of 30% for men’s shoes, and female models at all in 60-70%.

Such shopping centers as Yorkvill, Sherway Gardens, Woodbine Centre, and shopping malls Shoppers World Danforth often runs promotions during which discounted jewelry, cosmetics, home appliances, shoes and apparel are sold.

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