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What To Choose: Smart Glass Or Smart Film?

Why to use smart glass in the interior if you can stick smart film to the ordinary double-glass unit and get the same effect? It is not so simple, therefore experts from smartglasscountry.com are ready to help.

1. Operating conditions

Smart film may seem more attractive in price compared to smart glass, but the operating conditions of the finished product can be very harsh. For use in the bathroom, it is fundamentally important to have a sealed smart glass glazing.

Many organizations need not only privacy glass, but also additional protection from firearms and window hacking. Reinforced double-glazed windows, which will combine both variable transparency and armor protection, cannot do with a budget option with sticking a film over an already installed glass.

2. Non-standard shapes and sizes

The smart film turned out to be the optimal technical solution for a double-glazed unit of a non-standard format, previously installed at an angle in the visor of the business center. 

When glazing large-sized windows in the home interior, smart glass is preferable to film, since it allows you to abandon curtains and blinds for a long period, which has a beneficial effect on the hygiene of the room. This fact becomes especially relevant in conditions of quarantine and prolonged isolation at home.

3. Budget solutions

The most cost-effective solution for translucent structures is the application of a smart film on existing structures. Still, take into account two important points:

  • The smart film sticked on the installed glass requires particular care and cleaning.
  • Installation of the film requires special qualifications and accuracy.

An important aspect for use in the office is the fact that the film, unlike smart glass, can be installed and dismantled literally during the working day, for example, in a conference room. This allows you to use this product in rented premises and easily change the interior of the office at the request of the tenant/owner of the premises. Taking into account the small budget, most often the smart film is an effective solution for the operational conversion of office glass partition. You can apply it on a glass wall, a glass door, etc.

In conclusion

Smart glass



  • Resistance to physical and chemical effects;
  • You can create switchable glass;
  • Durability, hygiene;
  • Additional noise and thermal insulation;
  • Ability to combine solutions with other types of glass;
  • Premium design and possibility of branding the finished product.
  • Relatively high cost of the final interior solution.

Smart film



  • A more cost-effective solution interesting to the widest possible range of consumers;
  • Ability to quickly and cheaply add smart tint to your glass;
  • It easily integrates into already installed translucent structures, the fastest installation;
  • You can create the effect of switchable film;
  • It is quickly dismantled, which allows you to quickly change the purpose of the room for which the film is installed, so you can use privacy window film.
  • It requires more care than smart glass;
  • Less durability and strength.

Please, choose in accordance with your purposes and reason.

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