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Bass Pro Shops – the paradise for hunters and fishermen

This is a great store for hunters, fishermen and lovers of outdoor recreation. Some may say that it is not the best in choice and price, but certainly the best in design and atmosphere.

There are many fans of fishing and relaxing in Canada, so probably that is why such specialty stores are functioning. And to compete in the market, one has to go to various tricks. The owners of Bass Pro decided to create an incredible atmosphere, and they succeeded to do it. The store has a very large department for hunters with many stuffed animals. A huge aquarium with live fish is in the department for fishing, which attracts not only children but also adults.

In a shop visitors will find hunting, fishing, a camping, driving by boats and the golf equipment, than anywhere else and also clothes and footwear for all family. It has a huge boating showroom with perfect sailing boats. Visitors can get an opportunity to practice their skills at indoor shooting ranges and get professional consultation from the staff.

Bass Pro Shops is today considered to be the largest retailer, which annually serves in Canada and Europe, 75 million sportsmen and all those who are truly fond of fishing and hunting. Among the presented goods one can find the following categories:

  • the equipment for fishing, in both salt and fresh water;
  • electronics for tourism;
  • climbing equipment;
  • goods for rowing boats and canoes;
  • pistols, rifles and cartridges for firing;
  • different types of tourist equipment, tents, mats and sleeping bags;
  • navigation equipment

About the store, one can talk for a long time, but as they say, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. And while visiting one may even want to buy something and even try fishing. Those, who were never interested in hunting, because they didn’t particularly want to kill animals, after walking through the departments of Bass Pro would desire to buy a crossbow or a shotgun. And they aim at not hunting, but shooting the targets. In Ontario, a huge Bass Pro shop can be found at Vaughan Mills.

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