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How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

The secret of successful wedding photos depends on the skill of the wedding photographer. Find out below how to choose a decent photographer for your wedding ceremony.

Get acquainted with the portfolio

The wedding photographer portfolio, as a well-designed showcase, contains visual information for the first impression.

You should like the photos. Watch the footage, try to imagine yourself in the place of the heroes of the wedding story. This technique will help you understand if this is your photographer.

See a series of photos from weddings. Do not choose a Wedding Photographer Montreal based only on single shot in the portfolio.

Study the information on the website:

  • working conditions, etc.;
  • package of services;
  • processing time;
  • how many photos will you get.

Read customer reviews

The study of reviews is an important part of the search, which will help to form a preliminary “image of the photographer” and help in making a decision.

wedding photographer
Photo by Chris Ainsworth on Unsplash

Talk on the phone and meet in person

So, you have studied the photographer’s portfolio, looked at the reviews, it’s time to move on to direct communication.

A professional will be interested in a conversation or in a personal meeting with you. A good photographer will take the time to communicate in order to better understand the nature of your couple, learn about your expectations, perhaps even about fears about shooting.

In addition to good photos, you also choose a person with whom you should be comfortable throughout the wedding day. Discuss your wishes regarding the shooting, perhaps some fears.

Secrets of preparing for a wedding photo shoot

  • Discuss the details of the wedding shoot with the photographer. Tell the photographer about the compiled event timing. Leave a margin of time in case the timing is shifted. Add 15-20 minutes to each point.
  • Choose locations for shooting based on the timing of the event. Discuss with the photographer whether there are places for a photo shoot that are located near the place of your wedding celebration.
  • Do a trial photo shoot. Have a pre-wedding photo shoot in the style of “love story”. Thus, you can work with the photographer before the wedding, get used to the camera.
  • Take the maximum benefit from the rehearsal of the wedding image. The greatest attention on the wedding day will be focused on the bride. Make a trial makeup and hairstyle with a specialist in advance.
  • It is recommended to make shooting in the style of “morning of the bride”. This kind of shooting will help you relax in front of the camera and check out the preliminary image created by the makeup artist/hairstylist.
  • Discuss the question of posing. You can see the options for posing on such a resource as Pinterest, even rehearse something together.
Country Wedding
Photo by Tai’s Captures on Unsplash

In general, remember that you are unique and individual. The photographer’s task is to help you open up during the shooting, to offer shooting and posing options suitable for your couple.

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