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Professional Restoration Of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are very beautiful, but over time they can fade, chips and cracks appear on the surface, some slats may split and fall out, the floors begin to creak, or even deform altogether. Some of these problems can be eliminated and the appearance of the hardwood floor can be restored. Professional hardwood floor refinishing specialists will help you.

After 4-5 years of intensive use, the first damage may occur even on properly laid hardwood floor. It is necessary to diagnose the coating periodically, inspect for chips, cracks, tapping, etc., in order to eliminate the problem in time. 

The floor covering is exposed to many external influences every day. It is no matter what durable material covers your floor, it wears out over time.

Main types of hardwood floor repairs

Hardwood floor repair can be of varying degrees of complexity and is divided into three types:

  1. Current repairs. It is carried out regularly, in a planned manner, after a certain period of time of use.
  2. Partial repair. If there are primary coating problems, such as creaking, slats that have come out of the grooves, individual fragments of the parquet floor are replaced.
  3. Major repairs. This type of work involves the complete replacement of parquet flooring.

Care Tips

Below we give a few simple rules for the care of hardwood floor in order to postpone the timing of its repair.

white long fur cat on brown wooden floor
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  1. If you have pets, keep an eye on them, because dogs can gnaw the hardwood board, scratch with their claws. Cats also really like to sharpen their claws on it. You can’t walk on such a floor in high-heeled shoes, especially on stilettos.
  2.  Move furniture, especially on wheels, very carefully. To move the furniture, put a felt mat or special pads under the legs. It is necessary to drag furniture items along the floor along the laying line of the parquet board. To prevent furniture on wheels from leaving scratches on the coating, use polyvinyl chloride mats. Chairs should be carried around the room in a raised form, and not move them on the floor. Put a rug under the computer chair.
  3. Sand and any abrasive particles should not be allowed on the floor. Clean the floor regularly to prevent dirt and sand from destroying oil or varnish floor covering.
  4. Make wet cleaning of the parquet floor manually using special detergents produced specifically for such a coating.
  5. Put mats placed in front of the entrance to your apartment to save the parquet floor from excess dirt.
  6. The lacquer coating of the hardwood floor needs to be vacuumed and wiped with a well-wrung rag. Use white spirit and other detergents for heavy pollution.
  7. Excess water can cause the parquet floor to swell, so if liquid is spilled, it must be immediately removed and the surface dried.

Follow these simple tips, and you will be able to extend the service life of the hardwood floor. If you need a repair or a cardinal update, contact the professionals.

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