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Shift Work for Outsourcing Companies

Shift work is a special type of work activity in which an employee is at a remote site for a certain time. That is, after the end of his shift, an employee does not return home, but lives near the facility, for example, in remote camp jobs. This type of activity is in demand in various fields of work, including agriculture, oil and gas production, and construction. For many specialists, working using this method is very convenient; they prefer to cooperate with outstaffing companies that provide a stable amount of work and deal with organizational issues.
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Advantages of shift work when outsourcing

The key advantages of working on a shift basis with an outstaffing company in camp jobs include:

  • Outstaffing company provides its employees with everything necessary – this is not only the organization of travel, but also accommodation, food, special clothing, and preparation of the necessary documentation;
  • After the end of the shift, the employee can get ready and go home; his wages are transferred to him by the AK, and not by the customer;
  • Favorable conditions are offered for permanent employees; usually customers prefer permanent shift workers who have already worked for them and have performed well, that is, stable employment is ensured;
  • There is the possibility of transfer to another facility if there are compelling reasons for this;
  • There are opportunities for career growth; ordinary workers with good qualifications can become foremen and even managers if they have certain organizational skills.
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To minimize risks, it is recommended to cooperate only with trusted outstaffing organizations. This increases the likelihood of stable employment with a high level of earnings. Working conditions will be decent, registration is carried out in accordance with current legislation, that is, the employee is fully protected and has the necessary social security.
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