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Where to find organic products in Toronto?

Healthy lifestyle today is not only useful but, fortunately, fashionable. Toronto has numerous stores of healthy food. Moreover, almost all of them focusing on natural products and also do not avoid the area of body care.

Big Carrot

The Big Carrot is one of the most famous and extensive points of healthy eating in the district of Danforth since 1983. All the products presented in this chain store have a Canadian certificate attesting to their organic origin. The Big Carrot is one of those rare occasions when customer does not have to read the huge text on the labels of products or search the name of the brand and its characteristics. At the same time there, all necessary information about the presented products will be provided. There are a juice bar, a separate kitchen and large grocery departments. All the products on the shelves are of exclusively organic origin, screened for the absence of GMO. Here one can purchase goods not only for adults and children, but also for his Pets.

There will be no troubles in finding products without sugar, soy, salt or gluten. Vegan and vegetarian food will also be appreciated with its diversity. Special attention is paid to the corn products of all kinds, which supply numerous bakeries. Meanwhile, the local farmers bring seasonal vegetables that are grown without chemicals or harmful additives. In addition, there one can find medicines of Chinese medicine, bee and floral products, and especially nutritious foods.

Essence of Life

Essence of Life, located at the area of Kensington Market, also known among the connoisseurs of healthy food. The store is in the top five best organic stores of the city. In addition, the prices there can be lower than in the other places. The choice of products is very wide and it applies to all categories presented in the Essence of Life. The only difference from the standard supermarkets, where the shelves are stacked with numerous products with GMO, there all the products are natural. Regular customers mostly prefer apple jam, organic peanut butter and sesame paste. The store offers a wide range of organic meat, eggs from hens free-range, vegan and vegetarian foods, organic dairy products, products without gluten and more.

Among the best health food stores are also Noah’s Natural Foods, The Sweet Potato and Qi Natural Foods.  

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