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Who Takes Care of Trees

Our subconscious needs trees. Initially, people were not the kings of nature, they resisted a huge number of dangers. We are now in a civilized world. However, we still cannot exist without trees. We now like to relax in parks. The park consists of trees with well-visible crowns at the level of 3-4 meters from our head and low trimmed grass. Still, if we analyze, nature does not look like this in our zones. This is how the African Pampas, the ancestral homeland of mankind, look like.

The paradox is that we need trees vitally, but we don’t know how to take care of them. Fortunately, there is a special tree care service. A professional who does not just prune trees, but also takes care of them and even treats them, is called an arborist.

Image by Ted Erski from Pixabay

What is the concern about trees?

Taking care of trees is necessary everywhere, both in the urban environment and outside the city. As a rule, special services deal with this. At the same time, they take care not only of the health and appearance of green spaces in squares and parks of the city, but also for the safety of people. Old and diseased trees affected by pests can be dangerous. That is why the procedure of tree cutting in Toronto is so important.

Real professionals solve important problems with trees. They work on towers at high altitude. There are also non-standard situations when the tree dries up, the tower cannot drive up to it, while it cannot be completely filled up and it is in plain sight. That is, several conditions must be met simultaneously. Then experts have to climb a tall tree, having a rope as insurance. That is why the work of arborist is considered dangerous.

Before deciding on the future fate of the tree, a thorough examination is carried out, an expert assessment of its condition is given. No one has the right to cut down any tree in the city without a specialist’s opinion.

Specialists take care of trees to prolong their life: feed, destroy pests, trim the crown. Therefore, such types of pruning as sanitary, molding and rejuvenating are carried out. After these procedures, the tree is not affected by pests for two years, the windage of the crown decreases, which eliminates the breaking off of large skeletal branches. Such a plant serves as a filter for polluted urban air for many more years.

an arborist working in a tree
Photo by Jimmy Nilsson Masth on Unsplash

Tree removal Toronto removes only dry, emergency or non-viable trees. As a rule, in places where trees are removed and stumps are uprooted, new ones are planted.

Competent specialists also help people determine the place for planting their own trees, advise what kind of tree can be planted and how to take care of it.

Everyone needs to remember about planting trees and then taking care of them. Landscaping is an important factor that improves air quality. Competent professionals who know everything about the life of trees are always ready to become your assistants.

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