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Why should You Definitely Try Dancing

If you don’t know what to do on the weekend, or how to diversify your work routine, then dancing is a suitable option for adults.

Dancing is the perfect cardio that requires you to be completely collected and at the same time the ability to let go of your body literally for a fraction of a second, flexibility, a sense of balance and good coordination.

Sports clubs can offer quite a lot of adult dance classes, but before choosing something specific, you need to understand what awaits you and whether you have contraindications.

There are also dance clubs where you can choose any dance style you want to learn, from cha-cha to tango.

How to get started
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How to get started

Standard set: strip-plastic, belly dance, Latin American social (salsa, bachata, mamba, kizomba) and classical dances (rumba, cha-cha, jive, samba), jazz-funk, hip-hop and contemporary. In addition, dance directions include dance step (step choreography, or step dance) and dance aerobics. By signing up for dance classes Kitchener, you can try yourself in all styles in group classes, or individual.

Usually, classes are divided by difficulty levels: for beginners and advanced level. To begin with, you should try an easier option and understand whether such a load is suitable for you or you are capable of more.

In addition to standard classes, there are so-called preparatory classes that will help you master the basic elements and learn (or remember) the elements of classical choreography.

If you still consider the benefits of dance training questionable, we bring to your attention interesting facts supported by research.

benefits of dancing
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Facts and scientific research about the benefits of dancing

  1. The training of dancers participating in competitions can be compared with swimmers, cyclists and runners of the Olympic level. After all, dancers need considerable muscular effort and strong breathing.
  2. Dancing, as mentioned earlier, can replace cardio training on a treadmill for you. You can burn 5 to 10 calories in one minute of dancing. The more intense the dance, the more calories you will spend. For example, mambo burns a lot more calories than a slow waltz.3. Dancing can be considered a cure for depression and anxiety. An analysis of 27 studies on dancing has shown that dancing can indeed be prescribed to people suffering from depressive states and excessive anxiety.
  3. Dancing improves memory, forcing us to memorize complex steps, which then add up to whole bundles. The load is such that our brain has no time to be bored, and at the same time with getting rid of extra centimetres, we develop mental abilities. This allows us to maintain a quick reaction and helps our consciousness to remain young, flexible, and open.
  4. When you dance the tango, you can consider that you are meditating. If you’ve been wanting to do meditation for a long time, then sign up for tango. Studies were conducted comparing the psychological and physical condition of tango dancers and people engaged in meditation. The conclusion is that both types of activity help to fight depression. And tango also reduces stress levels.

If you haven’t tried dancing yet, it’s never too late to start, even if you think you’re a bad dancer. Having signed up once, you will not want to give up this lesson.

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